COVID Update: Masks are still required in health care settings, even if you’re fully vaccinated. Also, Scripps does not provide COVID-19 tests for asymptomatic patients. See FAQs.

Need help finding a doctor?

Why choose Scripps doctors in San Diego

With more than 3,000 Scripps-affiliated San Diego doctors at nearly 30 clinics and five hospital campuses, we’re here for good.

No matter where you live in San Diego County, you and your family can receive the high-quality, compassionate care that makes us one of the “nation’s best” according to U.S. News & World Report. Start your search now and find a doctor you love.

Plus, Virtual Care at Scripps allows you to access a health-care provider using E-Visits and Video Visits, as well as a Symptom Checker, to Get Care Now at your convenience.

How to find a doctor who’s right for you

When it comes to choosing your doctor, it’s important to find a physician whose training, philosophy of care and medical interests match your health needs. Our robust Doctor Finder gives you all that information — plus videos so you can see and hear for yourself.

You may also want to choose a physician based on the experience of other patients, which is why our Doctor Finder features a star rating system (based on patient satisfaction surveys) or user-generated recommendations. 

Learn more about how to find a doctor and see which insurance plans are accepted by Scripps.

If you would like help finding a Scripps doctor, give us a call at 800-727-4777.

A note about HMOs vs. PPOs

If you have a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) plan, you’ll need to choose a primary care physician (PCP) as your first step. Then, if you want to see a specialist — like a dermatologist or neurologist — your PCP can refer you to that specialist as needed.

If you have Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plan, you may have more flexibility when choosing a doctor or hospital. Check with your plan before making an appointment. 

How to schedule a Video Visit 

A Video Visit is a good option for care that doesn’t require a physical exam in person, such as a new concern, medication question or follow-up care. 

Check with your Scripps doctor if you think a Video Visit is right for you. Currently, Video Visits with our primary care physicians and specialists are available by appointment. You can call your physician’s office to schedule a Video Visit or schedule online for some physicians.

We also offer HealthExpress Video Visits for minor illnesses and injuries, with weekend and evening hours — no appointment needed. Learn more about Scripps Video Visits.